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We want to make sure this trip is as simple & stress free as possible for our guests.  Below is some info to help you navigate the city and organize your stay!  


Flying into Florence seems to take a little longer as there are no direct flights & it's also pricier.  Most of our friends and family will likely fly into Rome and take the train up to Florence.  

I was also made aware of a few cool 3rd party sites to check out when booking flights such as,, and  Another cool tip I learned: if you don't feel comfortable purchasing flights on 3rd party sites, you can contact airlines directly and they'll price match!   


Our wedding planner has provided us with the list below of great hotels which range in pricing.  From bed & breakfast to 5-star hotels.  

In the City


Fiesole (not in the city but near wedding Villa)

& for those of you who enjoy the thrill of waiting until the last minute, there's always the Hotel Tonight app!  

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